Comments and EXPERIENCES from previous Volunteers and Team Members:

'I worked for Lagon Bleu for five months as a project management intern. As project manager, me and my colleague were responsible for daily operations at the office. I wrote emails to government agencies, managed the website, prepared financial statements and assisted in a variety of events, such as one at the University of Mauritius. I also coordinated with volunteers to help them get the most out of their experience. Mauritius is a beautiful island, with great scenery and amazing people. I got to spend quite some time on the lagoon and enjoyed every minute of it. We met up with locals every Sunday for football and traveled around the island a couple of times, which I highly recommend. The perfect weather, the friendly people and the relaxed atmosphere are what made my internship an experience I will never forget.'

Martijn Groenbroek, Project Manager - February to June 2013

'I had five instructive weeks during my stay at Lagon Bleu. I was studying the use of the lagoon and its biodiversity. I was also assisting in the development of the Eco Guide for Lagon Bleu by compiling various fact sheets of the most common fauna found in the Blue Bay area. I enriched my knowledge on marine life and methodology. Together with a great team and the beautiful weather, my stay on Mauritius was very nice!'

Alicia Meadows, Lagoon Monitoring Project Volunteer - August to September 2013

On finishing my studies I decided to volunteer for the Lagon Bleu project. I spent 2 months on the beautiful island of Mauritius – best decision ever!

Working on the Lagon Bleu project involved a variety of tasks. I took part in ongoing lagoon monitoring which was a great opportunity to learn about the many fish and coral species in the bay. I was also involved in community education projects, mangrove planting and monitoring, beach monitoring as well as the social "beach cleanups".

It wasn't all work – I had adequate time to explore the island – by day and by night and played "international" volley ball games with the locals every week. Besides learning many new skills I also made real great friends along the way and would recommend it to anyone.

Malcolm Reyneke, Volunteer from South Africa - February to April 2014

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